All Hustle, No Flow - Uncensored

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Sam and Tim may not be Detroit's best ad men, but they're sure as hell Detroit's best friends. (1:47)

- I'm Mike Tussle, the tough lawyer.

I'll fight for you, and I'll win

I read all these books.

- It's one of our best commercials.

- I'm honestly proud of it.

- It's so good.

- Who makes that crap?

- I know!

They suck, I hope they die

We should find 'em and kill 'em

- Well ...

- Sam Dube.

- Hi, Sam.

- Tim Cramblin, Cramblin Advertising

- Fellas, it took a lot of balls

comin' in here like this

- Oh!

- Let's hustle!

(energetic rock music)

- [Mother] Sam!

Tim's stomach is upset and he wants you

to come rub his belly

- Why don't you do it?

- [Mother] He wants you

- My guts are going nuts

- [Sam] I've gotta go.

My friend can't poop unless I rub his belly

- [Sam] Old diet pills

These things are basically speed

- You think it's safe to take some of those?

- I don't know

- Coffee pot! Coffee pot!

- Aaaaaah!


- Whoo!

- Jack, you're known all over town as the

guy with a dick in his mouth

- [Jack] It's not just dicks

- No, I've seen boobs

- Yes

- I've seen poop

- I have too

- I've seen a butt pooping boobs

- Yup

(pulsing dance music)

- No


- It's not sexy

- Oh, god!

- That reaction's gonnasell a lot of hot tubs

- And we're getting on the highway!

- Oh crap!

(cars honking)

- I'm pulling the plug on your ass

- Do it, kill him!


- I'm not on life support, you idiot!

(pulsing electronic music)

- You're my best friend

- You're my best friend

- [Leah] You guys donejerking each other off?

- Do you see jizz everywhere, Leah?

- Yeah Leah, if we werejerking each other off

there'd be jizz everywhere