The Memory-Changing Machine

Jeff & Some Confidence Season 1, Ep 6 02/15/2017 Views: 270

Jeff realizes that Sammy the alien has been secretly altering his memories. (1:14)

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Hey, you never used that memorychanging thing on me, have you?

- No.Why do you--why are you asking?

- Okay, good.[thud]


What the hell is thisdoing here?

- I...

- You know, that's funny.I've always loved birds.

I mean,maybe this is a sign.

Maybe I should get one.What do you think?

- No, no, no, no,definitely not, okay?

I hate birds, they smell,they squawk,

and--and once you get one,you're gonna get attached.

You're not gonna wantto get rid of it.

I-I think it's a bad idea.

- Okay, fine, jeez.

I won't get a bird.[phone vibrates]

What?That's weird.

I just got a commenton a video

I don't even remember posting.

Can you say I love you? - I love you, Jeff.

[chuckles] Huh?

[playing bongos]Ha-ha. Look--look, he's dancing.

[grunting] [mellow song plays]

[laughing]Oh, it tickles. It tickles.

I had a pet bird?And you killed him.

Didn't ya?Didn't ya?


[beeping, zapping]

So, well, anyways,like I was saying,

thank you so much for making methose pumpkin muffins.

They. Were. Delicious!