Brendon Walsh - Red Wine & Dirty Bookstores

Brendon Walsh Season 1, Ep 5 05/25/2012 Views: 4,681

Brendon Walsh recalls a stomach-turning experience with red wine and his experience performing stand-up in a porn shop. (2:41)

Hey, Beantown.

(cheering)What's up?

What's up, Beaners?

So I'll go out afterwards,

we'll drink Sam Adams.

Talking about Larry Bird.

Snitch on some redcoats.


I want to go outand drink beer afterwards.

I switched-- I love drinking,you know.

Just like everybody.

I switched to, uh...

I switched to red winea couple weeks ago.

It's like, like, you know,it's like a mature drink.

Switched to red wine.

Had a couple bottlesof red wine.

It's like eight glasses.

It's not that much.

I didn't knowit was gonna give me

crazy, explosive diarrheaall night long.

I didn't knowit was gonna do that.

Like wicked explosive diarrhea.

Didn't stop till, like, 6:00or 7:00 in the morning or...

I don't know, I mean, I sleptright through it, thank God.

Didn't wake me up.

So I was well rested.

For a major cleanup jobthe next morning.

Green diarrhea.

If you drink red wine,you poop green.

I live, uh, I livein Los Angeles.

Hold your applause.

You do a lot of shows--

like they do showsin weird places.

I did a show at a, uh, like,at a dirty bookstore, you know.

Yeah, my career's going great.

Dirty bookstore.

What am I (bleep)?

Yeah, have you guys read all thenew porno books that are out?

The dirty literature?

Sitting under a treein a park with...

Reading something about...

(muttering):I don't know.

Now, at a's like a porno place,

you know, where you can buy--basically like a vibrator store.

The whole front of the placeis just vibrators.

There's like 5,000 differentkinds of vibrators.

You ladies got it made.

Because it's not even weirdor taboo or anything.

Like every girl's gota vibrator.

And you don't have to be ashamedabout it.

You just, like, you leave itlaying out on your coffee table.

When you have company over,nobody will bat an eyelash.

And they go, "That's whythere are no batteries

"in the remote control.

It's Sheila's vibrator."