Mike E. Winfield - Calling 911

Season 4, Ep 0403 10/30/2009 Views: 954

Mike E. Winfield knows that men can fall victim to domestic violence. (1:25)


Well, people,I'm, uh, I'm married

to this older womanand I'm loving it

'cause I love relationships,man, 'cause you learn so much.

A lot of people don't know this.

Did you knowthat 15% of men fall victim

to domestic violence each year?

And I know it's higherthan that, too,

'cause I know last yearI didn't report it.


But not again.

I called 911 on my wife,and it felt good, man.

But the messed up part is:

why is it,every time the man's the victim,

it's funny?

It ain't funny.

Sometimes the wrong peoplethink it's funny.

'Cause I called 911,and the dispatcher--

he didn't laugh on the phone,but you could tell

by the response he gave me

that he thoughtit was lightweight humorous.

I'm like, "I need you to sendsomeone over here

"immediately, okay?

"Things are getting out of hand.I just need you to send

someone over here,could you please?"

This is what he said.He was like,

"Why was she mad?"

Like, are you serious?"Why was she mad?"

That's the problem that peoplethink everything's a joke.

"Why was she mad?" I'm like,"Don't worry why she was mad.

"Worry about sendingyour people over here

to get me out of the dryer."