"Alternative Facts" in Donald Trump's America

Monday, January 23, 2017 01/23/2017 Views: 466

Inspired by Trump's truth-challenged presidential counselor, comics Rich Eisen, Jade Catta-Preta and Kevin Nealon spout falsehoods under the guise of "alternative facts." (1:28)

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Kellyanne Conway, seen here

leaving the American Girldoll store

after a lightning boltbrought her to life,

set the Internet aflamethis weekend.

She said White House PressSecretary Sean Spicer's claim

that this was the most attendedinauguration in history

was not a lie,but "an alternative fact."

Um, listen, guys, I'm only 19,but I'm still old enough

to remember when"alternative facts"

-were called lies.-CATTA-PRETA: Lies.

Even Merriam-Webster Dictionarytold Conway to look it up.

Here it is. "A factis a piece of information

presented as havingobjective reality."

-Oh, damn.-(cheering, applause)

That's roughwhen you get your ass

handed to youby a dictionary. Uh...

Comedians, I wouldlike you to give me as many

alternative facts as you canin 60 seconds,

and begin. Rich.

-Two plus two equals France.-Points. Kevin.

Hitler was a black woman.


-NEALON: It's true.-Jade.

Tupac is alive and we're dating.

All right, points.Rich.

Dwayne Johnson is a stage name.The Rock is his real name.

Yeah, points.Kevin Nealon.

I can't imagine this diarrheacame from a Cheesecake Factory.


NEALON:I'm not... Yeah.


Trump got his handssurgically reduced

to make his penis look bigger.

All right, points. Yeah.Kevin. Kevin Nealon.

I'm the host of this show.

-Oh, my God, that'd be amazing.-Oh, my God.

-Take over.-Holy (bleep).