Behind the Scenes - Roast Battle II - Meet Yamaneika Saunders and Joe Dosch - Uncensored

Season 2, 01/28/2017 Views: 467

Joe Dosch and Yamaneika Saunders reflect on their epic first-round battles and prepare to go head to head against each other. (0:58)

My approach is just to be myselfso there's no gimmicks, there's

no tactics I just gotta go outthere and be me.

General strategy in these showsis fuck the judges.

-Leah's brother is autistic sothat's one more man that won't

make eye contact with her.

[crowd cheers]

The one about her autisticbrother is one of my favorite

jokes ever written for anybody.

Yea, that one I knew in my ballsthat it was going to be great.

Was that the first time I'deaten fried chicken

from the floor? Absolutely!

Oh, is that chicken? Thank youmotherfucker, shit!

But look at me you know I haveeaten some shit off the floor

before. Come on!

Uh, Yamaneika bless your heart.

I'm not underestimating yougirl, but you better not

underestimate me either. Youbetter bring two cat suits.

You better have one hell of afucking outfit, girl.

Joe, I hope you do your best andI hope we're friends after this

because you seem like a greatguy.

But if he wins I'm fuckinggetting rid of him.

I dont have time for him.