Hermes's Robot Extensions

The Six Million Dollar Mon Season 7, Ep 7 07/25/2012 Views: 141,533

Hermes tries out his new robotic arm and infrared goggles in the bedroom. (0:50)

Mmm, well, I mustadmit it's not bad.

And it will cuttwo or three hours a day

off my cornrowing routine.

Yes, our liveswill never be the same.

Darn it!

I'll be right back.



Hermes, oh,you foolish man,

what do you needa Cylon eye for?

Now, calm down, dear.

You know, you lookeven hotter in infrared.

(moaning, smooching)



Husband, some things werenot meant to be Cylonned.

Now, you must promise me

you won't be gettingany more upgrades.

I promise.