Exclusive - Drunk History at Comic-Con 2016 - The Magic Ingredient

Season 4, 07/27/2016 Views: 391

Narrators Duncan Trussell and Steve Berg walk Jack McBrayer through what it's like to get wasted for a shoot. (1:44)

- Walk us through that. (laughs)

I've never tasted alcohol. (laughs)

(audience laughs)

- Never.

You buy some booze--

I have a good cocktail of IPAs and maybe

some kind of Kentucky mash bourbon.

That usually gets me there properly.

- Properly.

- I get there, havesome drinks with Derek,

have a couple laughsand then we get into it.

- You having the hiccupsand then being like,

"Hold on, I have the hiccups."

So you're drinking more beer like that's gonna cure that.

- Well, I thought, liquid.

But it doesn't, turns out.

(audience laughs)

- And now some people throw up.

- Sometimes, but I don't like that.

- That's not true.

You liked it when I was throwing up.

- I do not like throwing up.

I do find it funny if somebody

is telling a story, they puke,

and then they wanna tell you the story after that,

because when I puke, I'mnot talking to anybody.

I chose the passion of love

- When I was throwing up in the Tesla one,

and I remember--

- You drank a bottle of Absinthe.

- Right.

(audience laughs)

- It says that if you drink this you will--

- But I can remember as it's happening, looking around.

Maybe I'm hallucinatingthis memory,

but I saw a look of glee in your eyes,

and in the eyes of the crew.

Everyone's like, "yes, the money shot!

"He's puking, followhim into the bathroom!"