Quick Question with Akilah Hughes - F**k, Marry, Kill: Trump's Team - Uncensored

03/17/2017 Views: 73

Akilah Hughes plays a rather political game of F**k, Marry, Kill at South by Southwest with Whitney Cummings, Nick Swardson and Tom Lennon. (0:59)

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- All right, we're gonnaplay Fuck, Marry, Kill.

Jeff Sessions, Sean Spicer, and Steve Bannon.

- Jesus Christ.

- I only get to fuck one,

marry one, kill one. - Right.

- All of them if I'm involved are bad.

They're all punishments.- Okay.

- Marrying me is way worse than dying.

- For me that would justbe a fuck, fuck, fuck.

- You can always fuck the one you killed.

- First I would get a horribly sexually transmitted disease

and then I would fuck Sean Spicer.

- What I'd do is I actually make a human centipede first.

And I feel like Spicerhas to be at the front.

- Right, he's the representative.

- He's gotta be the face.

And Sessions in the middle just going (groaning).

- Oh, good point.

- I feel like Bannonhasn't been working out.

Here's the great thing about these three,

me putting 'em in a human centipede.

I could catch any one of them.

- That's true. - I'm spry.

I go to yoga and stuff.

Once I've made theminto a human centipede,

they're basically my bride, they're going to die.

- That's true.

- And I'm not gonna keepa human centipede around

and not fuck it.- That's real.

- Like, what are we doing? - That's half the point.

- What is this human centipede doing?

It's to look at?(laughing)