Laura Kightlinger - Boyfriend Psychiatrist

Kightlinger, Posehn, Kindler Season 2, Ep 19 05/19/1993 Views: 5,993

Boyfriends will readily tell you what's wrong with your mental health. (2:23)

have to go on a talk show.

I don't have to getinto self-analysis.

And, actually, I reallydon't have to anyway,

because my boyfriendwill do it for me.

I think that I am a classiccase, because I'm always

a half hour early foreverything-- at least

a half hour.

And the other night myboyfriend and I went to a movie.

And we got there almost anhour before the show started.

And he said, you know, you'realways early because you're

afraid you're goingto miss something.

That means you'vegot low self-esteem

and no concept ofyour own self-worth.

And I said, so what, youdon't want to pee on me now?

You know what?

And I think he was just furious.

I think-- I think that he wasjust really furious, because we

waited for a Demi Moore movie.

And that proves that I'm crazy.

And I-- you know-- I-- is it me?

You know, I'm a little bitsick of her torso, you know?

I don't care if it's painted.

I don't care ifit's impregnated.

I don't care if it'spoached on a bed of greens.

I'm sick of it now.

You know, I'm just--I've had it with her.

And I'll tell yousomething else.

I'm tired of movies like"Indecent Proposal" and "Pretty

Woman" because, youknow, that's just

saying that the most a womancan hope for in her career

is to sleep with a rich man.

And that's just-- justsuch a small part of it.

Well, you know what?

My grandmother is a strongadvocate for women's rights.

And she told me just recentlythat she's pro-choice.

And I sort of-- I sortof took it personally.

I said, why?

Why now?

Were you looking at afamily album, or-- um.

But she says no.

She said she's pro-choicebecause she's pro-woman.

But I think it's reallybecause she just can't see

another generationborrowing money from her.

I think that's what it is.

But she marches inparades and rallies.

And actually, there was agreat parade in New York

just recently.

I don't know if you'refamiliar with it.

There was anatheist parade here.

And to me that is hilarious.

Because, I mean, I didn't knowyou could march for something

you don't believe in.

I just thank that's great.