Barry Brewer - Flying First Class

Mark Viera & Barry Brewer Season 3, Ep 2 10/11/2014 Views: 6,850

Whenever Barry Brewer has to fly in coach, he can feel the people in first class judging him. (1:26)

Flying a lot,you see a lot of things.

I don't like flying coach.I hate that.

Anybody else?Oh, somebody'll say,

"Aw, you first classall the time? Okay.

Bougie, first classall the way."

I don't like flying for...

I don't like flyingwhen I can't fly first class

because when I walkpast first class,

they always make mefeel like I'm poor.

Anybody ever fly and walkpast first class?

They're all seatedand got their drink,

their little wine, they lookat you like you're a peasant?

You ever see that?

They're like,"Look at the peasants."

And you feel like a peasant'cause you've been waiting

in the jet bridge to geton the plane in the line.

And you be like, "Excuse me,

"I'm just tryingto get to coach.

"Don't want to bother nobody.

"No, I ain't tryingto bother nobody,

"I'm just tryingto get to coach.

"Trying to get to where

"I'm trying to get to, brother.

"I ain't tryingto bother nobody.

"Excuse me, sir, how you doing?

Your wine looksnice and lovely, yes."

That's the worst, man.One time I got stuck.

You know, if you ever fly,you get sometimes stuck in line

when you're getting on a plane,and people putting

their luggagein the overhead bins,

and you get stuck.

So you're standingin first class.

I'm standing in first class,and the lady clenched her purse.

Like I'm gonna take it.

We... I'm-I'm getting

on the same plane as you!

Like, what?I'm gonna take your purse

and go-go-go to my seat?

Like, "Give me,give me your purse!

Give it to me!"

(audience laughs)

"Would y'all hurry upback there?

"Lady, stop looking at me.

"Stop looking at me!

"I'll give your purseback later,

I'm gonna seewhat's in it first."