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September 14, 2016 - Hannah Hart 09/14/2016 Views: 3,736

YouTube star Hannah Hart explains why she wanted to write her memoir, "Buffering," and talks about the inspiration behind her movie "Dirty 30." (6:24)

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Please welcome Hannah Hart.

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

Wow, so cool, so cool.

-Welcome to the show. -Thankyou for having me, Trevor.

Thank you for be... You knowwhat, I-I think this is, uh,

this is the wrong thing.I'm sorry, they made a mistake.

They put cups of, uh...This is-this is

-your drink of choice,is it not? -Oh!

-This is your... Yeah? Yeah?-Yeah, it is!

-(cheering, applause)-There you go.

-There you go.-Cheers, guys.

Yeah, yeah. This is,uh, this is fun for you.

Look at that-- straight into it.

I mean, we did cheers--you know, it's bad luck

-not take a sip.-Oh, you have to sip immediately

-after you... -Yeah, you have tosip. And-and eye contact.

Eye contact. There's a lot ofrules for, like, drunk things.

It's true.It keeps everybody safe.

Mmm. Ah.

And then you cook afterwards?

Yeah. Um, that's usually...

that's usually the best thingthat can happen afterwards.

-Wow, that's real alcohol.-Yeah.

I thought they'd put, like,iced tea or something.

-No, man, you know?-That's, uh, that's legit.

-Welcome to the show.Thank you for being here. -Yeah.

Uh, I love your show.It's fun, it's exciting.

You're in a kitchenand you're drunk.

Not the safest thing to do.

No, no, no.It's-it's really not.

And I actually, um,I don't really necessarily

say that everybodyshould get drunk and cook.

-Yes. -Um, but I do thinkthat when you do--

as I do it--you have a really great time.

You do, and you, uh, and youdispense life advice as well.

Yeah, that justseems to be, like, a habit

that I can't break,personally, you know?

I find that, like,in every conversation I have

I end up, you know,kind of going deep.

Like, with everyUber driver I have.

Once, uh, we actuallyprayed together

at the end of an Uber ride.

-Are you being serious?-Yeah.

He was like, "Give me yourhand." And I was like, "Okay."

And then we talked about,like, the spirit and, like,

not gonna lie--like, I shed a tear.

Was-was... was the Uber driverstill charging you

when that happened?Or was that, like...

'Cause if I was the Uber driver,I'd be like,

"Yeah, we can pray,"and if the ride hasn't ended,

"Let's pray, let's pray."

Did you checkif the ride had ended?

-I was so moved by the spirit,I didn't. -You see? You see?

Ah, man, you and I see the world

through two different lenses.

Well, we can pray about it.We can pray about it.

Um, you're doing so much morethan just YouTube right now.

I mean, you'reone of the YouTube stars

who's been lucky enoughto break out

into many different worlds.You've written two books.

This is your second bookright now, uh, Buffering.

-Mm-hmm.-Great title, by the way.

-Yes. -Thank you. It's, uh...I picked it. It's intentional.

-(laughter)-Well, I... I would hope so.

It'd be weirdif that's just, like...

But-but... but what's specialabout this book is, like,

your first book was reallyan homage to the Drunk Kitchen.

-Mm-hmm. -But this...this is a book about your life.

This is... this is literacy now.

Yeah. Um, yeah,it's Buffering: Unshared Tales

of a Life Fully Loaded.

So it's got, like, a little My Drunk Kitchen nod right there.

-Uh-huh. -Um,it's really just about the, uh,

the time I've spent processingthe events of my life,

um, that I haven't really wantedto share online.

-Yeah. -Or, rather, afour-to-six-minute video format

isn't really appropriate for it.

I studied literaturein college--

being an authorwas always my dream--

and so I feel really fortunate

to be able to sharemy life experiences in this way.

You know, I-I...I say that when I wrote it,

I wrote it to feel, like,the things that have gone on

in my life--I wrote it to talk about them

in a way thatmade me feel less alone.

And I hope that,for people that read it,

they feel that way, too.

When you...

started out on YouTube,I mean, this was a video

that you were creatingfor a friend,

it was a little joke, it was...

and then it blows upinto something,

did you ever think that makingthose videos on YouTube

would get you to the placewhere you're doing--

you know, as you say, literatureis something that you studied--

did you ever think YouTubewould be the thing

that brings you backto everything?

You know, I don't thinkI ever thought that,

but I do think that, like...I do think

that by what I studied,it kind of helped me get

-a sense of, like, narrative.-Yeah.

Which is why I think, um,making videos was so fun.

Because it was, like,telling mini stories

within every video.

Um... and when I started My Drunk Kitchen,

uh, back in 2011, YouTubeand the subculture of new media

was totally unknown to me.

I only knew it because peoplein the comment section

were writing, "This is mynew favorite show on YouTube."

Oh, that's back when peoplewere writing nice things

-in the comment section.-Oh... -(laughter)

-Wow, you an O.G.You, like-- wow! -Yes.

-Yeah, so...-You remember those days?

I do. Yeah, I do.I actually am pretty fortunate.

My comment sectionsare mostly nice.

Except once,somebody said, um...

Uh, it looks like-like Tina Feyand a gerbil had sex,

or something like that.

-What looked like that?-Uh, me. I'm the "it."


Yeah, that one stuck with me

just for the creativity alone.

I'm trying to picture it;I can't, I can't see it.

You didn't see me back in 2011.

Things have changed.

Were you more Tina Feyor more gerbil back then?

I was more a combinationof the two.

(Noah laughing)

Um, you, y-you're not just, uh,writing a book.

You're not just on YouTube.

Uh, you've got the moviewe saw the-the clip from,

uh, I guess, inspired partlyby your life,

because you are a young womanturning 30.

Yeah. I am.

I'm 29, about to turn 30,November 2,

-for those of you...-(cheering)

...interested in making ita national holiday

-as I feel it should be.-(Noah laughing)

But, uh, no-- Dirty 30 was actually written

by (clears throat),my friend Mamrie,

and it was based off herexperience, uh,

when she turned 30.

Not her experience directly,

but rather, uh,what she observed around her.

You know, she has always livedlife, like, full throttle,

and was ready to go,

and not really botheredby aging,

but the people in her friendgroup that she saw

were also turning 30,

felt really stressed out by it,you know?

Like, they weren't at the pointin their life

-that they thought they would beat that moment. -Yeah.

Um, so Dirty 30 is about, uh,Kate, Mamrie's character,

um, who is about to turn 30.

And her two best friendsthrow her

a-a house partygone terribly right.


Instead of wrong.

Oh. As, uh...

Uh, I see, I see what you did.

You know what's funny is,

I love puns almost as muchas you do,

but then I have to actlike I don't like the puns.

No. 'Cause my writersjudge me here.

-And then they're like...-(laughing)

-I love puns with all my heart.-Really?

I don't think you understand.

I love them so much.

-I could do just like a showof puns. -Really?

-I don't think you understand.-(laughing)

You just, like, made my night.

Thank you so much.

-I'm so...-You set me free.

-Thank you, Hannah.-(cheering)

Thank you so much.

Dirty 30 is in theatersFriday, September 23,

and this beautiful memoir,

Buffering: Unshared Tales of a Life Fully Loaded

is available October 18.

Hannah Hart, everybody.

(cheering and applause)