Exclusive - Kurt Braunohler - Interview with Cast and Creator of "Archer"

New York Comedy Festival Season 1, Ep 1 01/11/2011 Views: 985

Chris Parnell can't differentiate between himself and his character on the animated show "Archer." (2:59)

-Hello, this is KurtBraunohler for Comedy Central

and the New YorkComedy Festival.

I'm here with the cast and,uh, creator of "Archer."

OK, if you guys could justintroduce yourself and tell me

about what role youplay in "Archer."

-Uh, I'm Adam Reed.

I'm the creator.

-I'm Jon Benjamin.

I play Pam.


-I'm Chris Parnell,I play Archer.

-Hi, I'm AmberNash and I'm Lana.

-First off, congratulationson the third series.

Uh, absolutely hilarious.

-Third season.

We're in America.

-Uh, you know, yougot commissioned

for a third series.

That's really great.


-You spent two weeksin London and you're

talking like this now.



-It's not fair.

-I think it's fair.



They say that constantly.

Bloody blimey.

-They constantly say--

-They can also say [bleep].

[laughter]-Which is really nice.

It's not a bad word there.-No, no.

-No, no.-Nice.

-No, no, no.In the supermarket.

-But fanny is.

-Fanny is a bad word.I really is.

[laughter]-What is fanny?

A [bleep]?


It is.



-It is?

-Yeah.-That's confusing.

-It is.

-Oh, wow.

-So fanny pack is ahilarious word to them.


-It really is.

-They call it a bum bag.

-They call it bumbag, which is--

-Which here would be offensive.

-It's really offensive, yeah.

-But I'm just so confused.

-So if entertainment andtelevision stopped existing

but you all had to still worktogether, where you work?

-In an emergency room.


-Who's-- who's the lead surgeon?

-Uh, that would be Jon.

-Well, I don't want to be that.

But all right.

That's your fantasy.

-I wouldn't-- well if-- doyou have a different fantasy?

-Uh, I'd be a dentistand I'd have Chris be--

-Emergency dentistry.


-Emergency dentistry.

-You could see us in a Chili's?

-Yeah, you'd be a good GM.

-Wouldn't I?

-Yeah, you would.

-I'm thinking more Red Lobster.


-If you could change onething about your character,

what would it be?

-I'd make Pam a lot sexier.

-More sexy?


She's not quite sexy enough.

-Um, you know, Iguess he would--

he would have more ladies.

He'd have more successwith the ladies.

There's Lana--

KURT (OFFSCREEN): So sexier?

- --and you're kind of over it.

-So sexier.

Does everybodywant to be sexier?

[interposing voices]

-That's actually more ofwhat I want for myself.


So you can't differentiatebetween yourself

and the character?-Not really.


-I'm pretty deep into it.




-I don't know.

You're pretty sexy and pretty--

-I think you're bothpretty darn sexy.



-I don't know.

I guess I would makeArcher, um, black.

-Darker, sexier, sexier.

And what about-- what would youchange about you're just-- not

your character, but rather justyour role in the production?

-I would be sexier.


-And black.


-He plays a characteron the show as well.

-Oh, yeah.

-You know, Gillette.

-Oh, yeah.

I would make himsexier and black.


-So there's-- the castand creator of "Archer,"

who really prefer tobe sexier and black.

My name's Kurt Braunohlerfor the New York

Comedy Festivaland Comedy Central.

Thank you very much.

Hold it.


-Everybody hold the look.

CREW (OFFSCREEN): Room tone.

[all making beeping sound]