VW Chase

Bendin' in the Wind Season 3, Ep 13 01/30/2008 Views: 6,196

Bender drives the gang through San Francisco during a high-speed van chase. (1:29)

Well, everyone, prepareto get your guts kicked out

by folk singers.

( gentle Chinese music playing )

What is this?

The year of the jerk?

( horn honking )

Hurry, the Golden Gate Bridge.

Put the metal to the pedalto the other metal.

( all yelling )

BENDER:Oh, no.

I forgot this is a Hoverbridge.

And I forgot thisisn't a Hovercar.

Is any of that a problem?

Not if you've liveda life without regret.

( shrieking )

( all screaming )

I'll save me.

Quick, grab his foot cups.

( all sighing with relief )

( yelling )


BENDER:Someone fat get in my way!

( disoriented moaning )