The Cure for Hysteria

Senate Season 1, Ep 5 07/21/2015 Views: 7,001

Sigmund Freud prescribes a regimen of genital stimulation to rid Beatrice, Lillian and Dodo of their pent-up uterine energies. (2:02)

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How did I get Hysteria?

Am I gonna go to heavenlike Uncle Buster?


But it is believedthat female sex moisture

turns venomous if not releasedthrough regular climax.

What?Oh, no.

I haven't climaxed

since horseback riding lessonswhen I was a girl.

No one worry.

Pater Freud is here.

Now, Blanche, please,

stimulate Beatricewith a feather,

lightly at first.


Oh, [bleep],[bleep], [bleep]!

Yeah, yeah, uh-huh,uh-huh, [bleep]!

[Beatrice moaning]



[Beatrice sighs]

Did you already orgasm?

Is that where I getthe quiver-shakes,

and I'm transported to a ghostpurgatory on a beam of light

and then I ask for forgiveness?

I've never seen this before.

Blanche, continue.

Let's see if Beatricehas multi-orgasms.



[moaning, screaming]


Well, I'd say you're cured.

I will treat this patientmyself.

[device buzzing]


Now, pelvic contractions

will release pent-uputerine energies

which have beenaffecting your moods.

If you want to improvemy mood,

you're gonna need to useanother finger.

Now, Dodo, in some elderlyspecimens such as yourself,

a more strident courseof stimulation is required.

Servant, begin.

[bike whirring]

Faster, Garfield,faster!

Faster, faster!

[women moaning]