Jonah & Kumail - Spit-Take Practice

The One with All the Spitting Season 2, Ep 5 07/28/2015 Views: 656

Jonah and Kumail work on their spit-take techniques and discover that Kumail's method needs some work. (2:02)

I've been working on my,uh...

Spit takes.

Watch this. Say something.Okay.

You'll see it.I won't do it on you guys.

I'll do it on you.All right.

No.I'm just a little boy.I can't hurt you.

You-- you need--

Kumail, the monsters are havinga tea party!

What-- what kindof spit-take is that?

You threw it at yourself andthen you dodged it?

It was the "own goal"of spit-takes.

Uh, does anyone wantto be spat upon?

Does anyone want to beon television?

No, the people who would wantthat to happen, we don't want.

Yeah, yeah.Onstage.

What about Ed Salazar?I'll spit on Ed Salazar.

Oh, he hasn't been listening,so go ahead, I'll say somethingto you.

Oh-- oh, is it gonna get sad?

If it's gonna get sad,we shouldn't do this.

MAN (O.S.)Do it!

Hey-- hey, Jonah, um, uh...

Ed told me thatyou're his best friend.

You are my best friend!

I am glad there's a lotof people in the room.

Sorry, but that--that's how you spit-take.

It's a mist.

Oh, I got it.Here, let me try one.Yeah.

Okay, cool. Ed, could youcome out here?

No, yeah, Ed, could youcome out here?


I'm gonna do it to Ed.

Wait a minute--No, I am!

Oh... oh, yeah!

Kumail, don't do it,you're a jerk!

Say something.

Kumail, I'm pregnant.

Oh, jeez!

Jonah, you're my best friend!