Trevor Noah - Finally Getting a Job

Trevor Noah: Lost in Translation Season 1, Ep 1 11/22/2015 Views: 63,833

When Trevor Noah called his family to tell them that The Daily Show had hired him as anchor, his mother wasn't as impressed as he'd hoped she would be. (1:56)

Some of you may or may not knowI got a job

This is fantastic for me.

[cheers and applause]

Thank you very much.

Thank you.Thank you very much, yeah.

[cheers and applause]

That's--and that's--

That's how my grandmotherput it, funny enough.

I phoned my grandmother to tellher that I'd be working

on "The Daily Show,"and she was really excited.

She was like, "Whoo, Trevor!

"I'm so happy for you!

Well done. You got a job."

I said, "No, no, Granny,I already had a job."

And she's like, "No, you didn't.

Did you have an office?"I said, "No."

She's like,"Then it wasn't a job."

That's all she cares about.

My mom was a bit better.

I called her to tell herthe news,

and to give you a bitof a backstory,

I've got two younger brothers.

Right, so one brotheris nine years younger than me,

and then the youngest is20 years younger than me, right.

And so the youngest just became

one of the student councilmembers in his school, right.

So he got ontothe student council.

So I phoned my momto tell her my good news.

I'm on the phone with herand I'm like, "Oh, Mom,

I don't know if you heard, I'mgonna be on 'The Daily Show.'"

And she's like, "Oh, my baby,I'm so excited.

"Oh, praise Jesus,this is wonderful.

"Well done, baby.I'm so happy for you.

And did you hear what happenedto your brother?"

I'm like, "No, what happened?"

"Oh, he's on the student councilat his school.

"Oh, I'm so excited.

"Both my boys are doingbig things in the world.

I'm so happy. Oh!"

[cheers and applause]

And I was like, "Yeah, somethings are bigger than others."


She's like,"No, it's all the same."

I was like, "You say that,but I mean, you know.

Come on, you know."[laughs]

She's like, "Okay, fine, fine.You were never student council.

So let's cheer for him."I'm like, "What?"