Jamie Lee - Jewish Stereotypes & Passive-Aggressive Roommate

Joe Mande, Jamie Lee, W. Kamau Bell Season 4, Ep 8 09/13/2013 Views: 25,663

Jamie Lee describes her passive-aggressive ex-roommate and reveals her reason for never talking during sex. (1:43)

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I did the ultimatedrinking experience this year.

I went to theSt. Patrick's Day Parade.

A lot of, like, Irish guys."Oh, kiss me. I'm Irish."

I'm like, "Don't touch me.I'm Jewish."

I-- I really-- I really don'tlike Jewish stereotypes, though.

I hate people that, you know--A lot of people think

Jews come from money.

Uh, I don't comefrom money

unless I sit on an uprightroll of quarters,

and then it's...

I know, right?

It's like, that wasmy laundry money, you know?

It still is.

But, uh, I'm startingto be an adult.

I don't-- I don't livewith my old roommate anymore.

That's nice. She was verypassive-aggressive, you guys.

She would always, like, leave menotes to tell me things.

It's like, just say itto my face

that you're committingsuicide.

You know, like I can't...


It's like, stop it withthe Post-it notes, Kelly.

Very frustrating.

No, she's-- Don't worry.

She's actually, like, the mostconfident person I've ever met.

Like, she's super arrogant.

She always refers to her breastsas the twins,

which I think is funny,because I've seen the twins,

and they're fraternal.


And I'm like, I don't knowif the left one

is from the same father,

if we're going to keep goingwith this familial metaphor.

She's like, What do you mean?I'm like, The left one's Asian.

Um, it's crazy.

But, um, I don't know.

I, uh, I guess I'm not likea very sexual person.

You know,she's very sexual.

I-- I feel bad. Like, I--I'm actually conservative.

I don't talk at allduring sex,

because my mom always said,you know,

never talkto strangers.