Dave Attell - Amish Sex

Trilling, Daro, Attell Season 2, Ep 21 05/20/1993 Views: 18,911

The Amish do have sex. (1:17)

Might as well talk about that.


She had a baby.

Thank you.

I was watching her breastfeedfor a couple of bucks.

And, you know, it is amazing.

Ladies, it is amazing howyou that with a beverage

coming out of your nipple.

Did you know that?

Guys, we can't do it, you know?

Because if could, we'dspend the whole time

squirting each other.

You know we would.

Spray each other, putout fires, write our name

in the snow-- once,twice, three times a lady.

He's a good kid, though.

You know, he's a nicelittle kid, you know.

When I was a kid, I used tohand out with the wrong crowd.

You know who I'm talking about?The Amish.

Yeah, oh my God.


But they've beenaround for years.

You know what that means?

The Amish have sex.


I bet, if they get into itloud and out of control, what

do they scream, whenthey're doing it?

Oh, oh, oh, Jedediah, ah.

Plow my field, ah.

Do me like a Mormon,ah, like a Quaker, ah.

Give it to me buggystyle, come on,

you Abe Lincoln-looking stud.

Blue bonnet on it, ah, ah.

Give me a whisker burnwhere it counts, come on.

Oh, Rico Suave, ah.

Thank you very much.