Are You Ready for a Trump Fashion Show?

February 9, 2017 - Laura Jane Grace 02/09/2017 Views: 34,434

Trevor and Desi Lydic show off products from First Daughter Ivanka Trump's fashion line in hopes that President Trump will stop tweeting about it. (2:21)

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Guys, like...

With everything going onin the world,

why is the president wastinghis time with a clothing line?

Like, this is--he's a president.

You know what?I-I mean,

I-I talk smack about Trumpall the time,

but for the good of the country,I'm gonna help out.

I'm gonna help this guy out.

Donald, you know what?

You focus on running a country,

and I'll help yousell those clothes.

How about that, huh?

You guys readyfor a fashion show? Yeah?

Well, let's do this, then,let's do this.

-Let's do this.-(cheers and applause)

Ladies and gentlemen.

Dressed head to toe in pieces

from the actual Ivanka Trumpcollection,

give it up for our seniorfashion correspondent,

Desi Lydic, everybody.

(cheering and applause)

Hey, Trevor.

Wow, Desi.

-You look fabulous.-Thank you.

The fabric is definitelygiving me

a full body rash,but worth it.

Ah, you know what they say,beauty is pain, girl.

Tell us all aboutthis fabulous look.

Okay. Well, let's start withthis gorgeous wool coat.

Now, this is gonna protect youfrom all the elements.

You know, snow, rain, bad press,

criticism of your family,tapes your dad made on a bus.

It's a great coat, Desi.

No one respects women's coatsmore than the Trumps.


Now everyone's been talkingabout the b-a-n,

but let's talk about this b-a-g.

LYDIC:Oh, let's.

Now, this is the perfect bag

for any stylish working woman

whose family is gonna usethe presidency to make it rain.

-Oh!-Also not waterproof.

Oh. Oh, I thought-I thought it was. Okay.

-Mm-mmm, nope, no way.Oh, wow. -Oh, I'm just seeing

-your amazing shoes right now.-Oh.

Amazing, but howdo you walk in those?

Oh, no, actually,these are super comfy.

So comfy that you couldspend the whole day

helping your dad trampleall over the Constitution.

You won't feel a thing.

-You won't.-(cheering, applause)


You won't feel a thing,'cause you can't.

Even though,during the campaign,

you made it seem like you would.

Girl, you are killing it.

Yeah, like Trump'sgonna kill the EPA.

-Oh! Fashion burn!-Yeah, yeah.

No, it really burns.It's like a chemical burn.

Oh, you got a rash.There's something going on.

-Yeah. -Desi, you should go.Desi Lydic, everyone.