Hunting Yetis

The Tip of the Zoidberg Season 6, Ep 23 08/18/2011 Views: 49,937

When the crew demands that Dr. Zoidberg be fired for his incompetence, Professor Farnsworth looks back on their days together in the army. (2:30)

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(men groaning)How bad is it, Doctor?

Super bad.

It's Tritonianhypermalaria.

A lot of these men willbe dead within 24 hours.


Not you, though.

You'll make a complete recovery

and go on to marry a supermodel!


Funny plague,hypermalaria.

It can kill immediately,or lie dormant for decades.

But sooner or later,it erupts,

causing fever,spasms, madness,

coma,and finally death.


Oh, those poor,doomed bastards.

I guess it's up to meto complete the mission.

(wind howling)

I'll be in the swamp, blowingthe smirk off a toxic yeti.

(cocks gun)


Professor, we needto talk, man-to-mob.

(all clamoring)

We've had itwith Zoidberg!

We demand you fire him!


Zoidberg's a fine physician,

for aliens.

Your mistake is being humans.

No, if I'm going to fire anyone,

it'll be Scruffy.

(all shouting)You can't do that!

Over my dead body!

Don't you getit, old man?

Thanks to Dr. Scissorhands,

I wet myself everytime I laugh.


It's not funny!

Well, I guessit is kind of funny.


Why are you protectingZoidberg, Professor?

Do you owe himsomething?

Is he blackmailing yousomehow?

What does hehave on you?

Why have you kept himaround all these years

when he's so grosslyincompetent?


Long ago,Zoidberg and I

enteredinto a secret arrangement

relating to certainextraordinary events

too horrible to reveal.

So there's nothingto be curious about.


Stop, or I'll shoot!


You can't hunt a yetiby yourself, sir.

It's suicidal!

So what? I'm going to die

of hypermalaria, anyway.

I was in the same swampas the rest of the men.

Just because youwere in the swamp

doesn'tnecessarily mean...

I was thirstyfrom the flight.

I drank swamp water.