Seth Herzog - Creepy Guy Stories

Morgan Murphy, Seth Herzog, Rory Scovel Season 4, Ep 4 08/16/2013 Views: 2,242

Every girl has a story about a creepy guy, Seth Herzog just hopes he is not featured in one of them. (0:58)

Whenever she goes outeveryone's like,

"Oh, my God,tell that story,

tell that story,tell that story!"

Her story is...


"Tell that story!Oh, my God!"

And they all do that.

So her story isshe's having sex with a dude.

And it's going okay.It's going great, I guess.

In the middle of it he stops,looks her dead in the eye

and goes, "Hey, I'm totallyinside you right now."

Which apparentlyis a very creepy thing to say.

Because whenevershe tells that story,

every girl in the roomgoes, "Ew! Ew! Ew! Ew!

"I can't believe he said that!I can't believe--

Can you believe it?I can't believe it."


And then I have to join in.

I'm like, "I can't believe it.That's so gross.

I can't believe it."

But the whole timeI'm thinking,

Have I ever said that?

Have I ever said that?I've said that.

I must have said thatat some point.

Apology callshave to be made.