Love Triangle

A Very Dramatic Episode Season 3, Ep 8 04/21/2016 Views: 468

Alice Wetterlund reveals that she has complicated relationships with Pat Regan and Joe Sinclitico, but Adam just wants to party. (0:55)

[tender piano music]

- [sighs]There you are.

I've been lookingall over for you.

About last night...

- What about last night?

- I can't stopthinking about it.

Two bodies becoming one.

What's wrong?

- I'm pregnant,you fool.

[guitar strumming][door opens]

Quick, hide.

- Hello, darling.

I wrote you a songabout last night.

- Last night?- What are you doing here?

- Visiting my baby mama.

- Please,


- Uh-oh.Hey, party people!

Who wants a piña colada?

[beach music playing]You want a piña colada?

- Hey.

I'm the manager.

Keep it down.

And what I say goes.

[dramatic music]

- [slurping]

So turn it down?

[theme music plays]