Uncensored - Ari Shaffir - Strip Club Etiquette

Ari Shaffir, Pete Davidson, Brad Williams Season 1, Ep 2 04/20/2014 Views: 12,512

Although Ari Shaffir knows that he is supposed to like going to strip clubs, he has major problems with some parts of the experience. (1:18)

to start out with

a hilarious,great comic.

This guy, you might knowhim from his own podcast

"The Skeptic Tank"and he's here for us now.

Please welcomeAri Shaffer.

Here he comes!Noah, stay on it.

All right, buddy.Fuck yeah.

Thanks, Davey.

Hey, I just went tomy first strip club in,

like, three years.

No, not whoo.

I don't like 'em,you guys.

I don't like them.

I thought I did,I always thought I did.

I was always like,"Yay, we're having fun, right?"

But they're not cool.

I know Spike TV tells me I'msupposed to love strip clubs

and changing oil, but that'snot my experience.

They're weird, 'Cause youhave a naked girl right there,

which that part's fine,but then there's some dude

right here thatyou've never met.

And every once in a while,you'll hear a noise

and you'll both turn.

And what's theetiquette there?

What are yousupposed to do?

I never know.

Are you supposed to saysomething creepy and then

touch bonersand then go back?

Like, "I'm hard,you hard?

Yeah, we'restraight as fuck."

"You hard? You're fuckingsoft, you fucking queer!

I touched my dick to hisdick and it was soft!