Keith Robinson - "COPS"

Lauletta, Prinzi, Robinson Season 2, Ep 25 05/26/1993 Views: 1,551

If you see someone you know, you'll find yourself rooting for them to get away. (1:22)

certain things, man, but I'mgoing to say this and any

of you can get mad or whatever.

I'm glad the whole RodneyKing thing is over with.

I'm tired of hearingabout it, man.

Y'all know I'm tiredof hearing about it.

Because people act likeRodney King had a career

before all thishappened to him, man.

Like, oh, poor Rodney,why they messing with him?

You know he wasgoing to be a doctor.

Hell no!

Wasn't going to be no doctor.

These people are crazy, man.

You know what showI hate, though?

I hate that show "Cops," man.

You ever see that show "Cops?"

Well the thing about, is thatyou can turn it on one day

and see somebody whoyou know being arrested.

That's embarrassing, man.

Last week, I seensomebody who I knew and I

found myself cheeringfor him, man.

I'm like, run, George, run!

Run, man!

He behind the car!

Will you run?

What's that other show"America's Most Wanted."

Can't stand that show.

Now I don't mean to be alittle you know, whatever.

But if you notice when theyhave rewards for the white kids,

any amount of moneywill do. $50 million--

who's seen our little Joey?

Little black kid-- all right$50 and a bucket of chicken.

Who's seen him?

I know somebody had to see him!