John Oliver - Good Day to Move

Ali Wong, Travon Free, Paul F. Tompkins Season 4, Ep 7 09/06/2013 Views: 10,116

John Oliver thinks a group of movers is being reckless, but they're the right guys for the job. (1:49)

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my apartment.

It was about half an hourbefore it was all due to strike.

And I was lookingout of my window,

and the glasswas rattling,

and the treeswere starting to bend.

And I thought, I don't--I don't like this at all.

And I was looking downat the road,

and I swear to youthis is true.

A moving truckdrove down my block

and then stopped.

And I thought to myself,

No [BLEEP] way.

And these guysstarted getting out

and going intoan apartment.

I ran downstairs,outside, and said to them,

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.You have to stop.

"The biggest hurricane in-- In--In recent memory

is-- Is about to strike the cityin the next half an hour."

And they were thesecrazy Russian guys

with couches alreadyon their shoulder.

They said,"Is no problem for us.

"Is no problem.

"Is no prob--The roads are clear.

"Is good day to move today.Is actually good day.

"Is actually good dayto move today.

"But thanks for--Nice guy.

"This guy is nice guy.Look at him.

"Look at-- Look at his face.He's scared.

"Oh, and the please don'thurt me, wind. Look at him.

"Look at his face.Look. Oh, no.

"Oh, no.

"I'm being pushed by air.

"Look at his face.Look, look.

"Please don't attack me,nothing.

"Look at him.

That is a nice guy, though.That's a nice--"

I turned around--I turned around to try and get

some help from my neighbors,

and they're all pressed upagainst their apartment windows

going, "Do not [BLEEP]ruin this for us.

Let this situationplay out."

And as I turned to go--

I swear to youthis is true,

though you have no reasonto believe me.

On the side of their truckwas written,

"Wizard of OzMoving Company."

I doth my cap, America.

I doth my cap.