Throwing Stars

Season 2 , Ep 3 06/28/99 Views: 9,047

Armed with an arsenal of throwing stars, a high school outcast decides to go on a killing spree. (2:27)

Yeah.Hey, loser!

Hey, if you think you'resitting next to me,

you should be committedto a dumbass asylum.


I saw him reading a bookin between classes today.

I don't want tosit next to you.

I stopped hoping to be yourfriends years ago.

All of you!

You've all picked on me,

just because I'm skinnyand I have a big nose.

And you smell.

And you got an outtiebelly button, ha ha ha!

And your mom sellsfood stamps!


She doesn't use food stamps.

No, she sells 'em.


Fine, she sells them.

You see, it's this typeof ridicule

that I've had toput up with...

(overlapping chatter)

Can't you people see I'm tryingto have a breakdown?

I've been savingall my money

that I made off my web site,

and I invested it all inauthentic ninja throwing stars!

I've got over 100 in here!

So what?


(chuckles)He threw it like a softball.

Girls softball!(laughs)

Girls JV softball!(laughter)

Oh, yeah?Unh!

(star clattering on floor)

Hey, they're throwing stars,not bowling stars.




Wrestling team!


Hey, back off!I'm a ninja!

I'm a ninja, man, back off!

So predictable!

Stop stealing my throwing stars!I'll tell the principal!

You just tried to massacre us!


Wrestling team!Hockey team!


Ready! Okay!

You're a loser!

I understand thatby now, okay?

I knew that going intothe killing spree.

Oh, pretty lamekilling spree.

I mean, what's wrong?

Didn't your fatherever teach you

how to throwa throwing star?


(reporters all shoutingat once)