Trevor Noah - Choosing a Race

Trevor Noah: African American Season 1, Ep 1 02/27/2016 Views: 3,385

When Trevor Noah had to fill out a form to open a bank account, he ended up getting into a racially awkward conversation with a white employee. (2:23)

I got to a section when fillingout the forms we don't

have back in South Africaanymore and that is

you have to fillout your race.

You know, there's a boxthat says tick your race.

And there's white, black,Hispanic, Asian, and other.


And I was looking at the womanand she was really helpful.

She was like--she was thisblond woman and she's was like

[comedically] yeah,yeah, you can go ahead

and fill out everythingyou need to and yeah,

we'll just go ahead andopen that bank account.

[normal voice] I said OK.

I don't knowwhat to do here.

And she was like

[comedically]let me have a look.

Well, you can just, yeah,you just go ahead and tick

whatever race youwanna go with.


[normal voice] I said whatdo you mean whatever race?


She was like

[comedically] well look,it's just for statistical

purposes so like you canchoose whatever you want

and then you can do it.

[normal voice] I was likechoose whatever?


I was like I've never beengiven that option before.


And I looked at the boxesand I mean, there was black.

That's the reason I came.

The black box was there.

I was like well,that's it.

I choose it.

But then I looked to theleft and there's the white

box and ohh, itlooked good.

It just--


--I mean.

Don't get me wrong.

It was the same as theother boxes but ah,

there must have been areason it was first in line.

It's just like you know?

That was primebox right there.

That was just--I looked atthat white box and I was

like mmm, yeah.


And so, I looked at herand I said any box?

And she was like

[comedically] yeah, yeah.

Any box.

[normal voice] AndI played it safe.

I said so, I cango with black?

She was like

[comedically]you know what?

A lot of themchoose black.




[normal voice] And so,just because she said

that, just becauseshe said that,

I looked at herand I said no.

You know what?

I'm white.

I'm going with white.

And then she did thisthing that I've come to

learn is the reaction ofwhite liberal woman in America.

Whenever they hearsomething or see something

that they can't trulycomprehend they don't

agree with it but for fearof being judged they

internalize their emotionsand then they almost have

like this malfunctionlike a robot.

I don't know ifyou--it's amazing to see.

'Cause as soon as I saidwhite--I said I'm going

with white, she went

[comedically] um--


--I'm sorry.

Did you say--didyou say white?

[normal voice] I said yes.



I'm white.

She's like

[comedically]oh, um, OK.




Um, OK, like white?