Garfunkel and Oates - Cautionary Tale

Garfunkel and Oates Season 1, Ep 10 06/08/2012 Views: 3,584

After Garfunkel and Oates admitted that their hand-job skills were lacking, a helpful fan gave them a tip. (0:55)


And we're alsovery late bloomers.

Yeah. We kissed someonein, like, seventh grade,

and then nothing,nothing, nothing,

college-- kind of nothing--sex.

And so we just skippedthird base altogether.

Yeah, basically, we're reallybad at giving hand jobs.

We never learned.

And once you're 30,no one will teach you.

So this is really more

of a cautionary tale.

You don't wantto end up like this.

I was in a situation

where I was tryingto give a hand job once,

and the guy wasjust, like,

"You know what?Just let me do it.Let me do it."

And I was, like, "I'm so sorry.I'm just not good at that."

I felt really bad.

But then we did havethat nice fan,

and he saw thatwe had this problem.

He's, like, "You know,here is a link to a how-to."

And so I clicked on it,and there's only one step.

It said, "Use your mouth."