Uncensored - Kumail Nanjiani - Pakistani Name

Kumail Nanjiani: Beta Male Season 1, Ep 101 07/20/2013 Views: 10,184

Kumail Nanjiani investigates the authenticity of an audience member's claim. (1:07)

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I'll tell you another, moreabout myself.

I was raised Muslim.

[quiet cheer]

Oh, really?

That has neverhappened before.

I was raised Muslim.


"All right,we're not all doing that?

"Just me?


"My shoe hurt.


Who did "whoo"?Who was it?


Are you from Pakistan?

We would have fuckingnoticed you.

Oh, your friend is.

Hi.You're from Pakistan?

- Yeah, I'm from Karachi.- What's your name?

- Hoor.- Hoor?

Story checks out.

That is a deep OG name.

That's not, "Apu!I'm an asshole."


Hoor, it means "angel."

And I'm surewith that name here,

you get calledsomething else.