Feminist Heroes

Stolen Phone Season 1, Ep 6 02/26/2014 Views: 36,717

After one of Abbi's high school crushes friends her on Facebook, the girls throw caution to the wind and start asking out any guys who come to mind. (2:03)

Oh, my goodness.

This dude Brian NicholeraI went to high school with

just friended me,he just moved here.Oh, my God.

People from high schoolonly friend you, like,

after business hoursif they wanna hook up.

Really? I had a hugecrush on him.

Oh, you shouldask him out.I can't just do that.

Oh, my God,he "likes" "Roseanne."

Okay, this is--

This is your newsexual partner.

All right,I'm asking him out.

I'm just gonna do it.Do it.

This is so great.

Like, why are we waiting forguys to come to us, Ilana?

Did Amelia Earhartwait to be

asked to flyaround the world?

Definitely not.

She asked.

And then theysaid no.

But she still did it.

And she died, but she,like, died doing it.


I'm doing it again,I'm asking someone else out.

This is the Abbi I loveand fell in love with

and I'm obsessed with.

Skylar Cummings-Conkelmann,

I used to babysitfor him.

He was adorable.


Yeah, he's 20,that's acceptable.

Troy Megliarino.

He spent a hot sec in jail,but he lives in South Jersey

and I know he'd steal a carand come up for the night.

Chris Wazcyleski,he was a nude model

in my life drawingclass and he, like,

always angledhimself out to me.

Chad Michael Fong.

We met at a hardware store,he was disgusting.

You know, I'm picking allwhite dudes right now.

I must be cravingpink dick.

I'm gonnago with this.

(Abbi)Okay, who else,who else?

Henry Rowdenbush, had a unibrowall through middle school

and then he started waxing itand all of a sudden it was like,

glasses off, you're(bleep) gorgeous.

It's like"She's All That."

I feel like I'm oncoke right now.

P.J. Mallory.

Bobby Cornhauser.

Johnny Fissinger.Danny McCarrow.

Ryan Long.

Rod White.

We are, like, feministheroes right now.

So, okay,that's 36 guys

that we've been rejectedby and one lady.

Okay, so what, dude?You know what?

The Internetis so '90s.

Let's go findsome guys IRL.

You know, you can justsay "in real life."

It's the same numberof syllables.