Comedian Memoirs

Season 2, 04/27/2013 Views: 1,543

The Half Hour comedians provide titles and subtitles for their comedy memoirs. (1:13)

-My memoir wouldprobably be called, "Mom,

This is Your Fault."

[music playing]

-If I were ever to putout a stand up memoir

it would be called,"What if I Tried?

The Story of anUnknown Comedian."

-I have two working titles.

-It would changeconstantly I think.

-The name of my stand up comedymemoir will be, "I Need This."

-"Can You FuckingBelieve This Worked Out?"

-The title would be, "I DidIt" and the subtitle would be,

"I Don't Believe it Either."

-I'm sure that other people saidthis, let me know if they said

it, "You Had to be There."

-What was the question?

-If I were to write astand up memoir-- that's

a fantastic question--easy answer,

"Blackistential Crisis."

-The subtitle would be, "No,I really fucking need this."

-And another one I thought ofwas just me holding up a baby

cat and it would just becalled, "Just Kitten."

-If Sean O'Connor wrote astand up memoir, it would be,

"All Apologies."


-That's a pretty good joke.

-I don't that Iwould write a stand

up memoir necessarilyat this point.

Sometimes I break downon stage, and that's

kind of like a comedy memoir.

-That's got to bethe name of it.

-I think thatcaptures the feeling

of being a comic the most.


[music playing]