Donald Trump Pushes a Ted Cruz Conspiracy Theory

May 3, 2016 - Quinta Brunson 05/03/2016 Views: 422

GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump suggests that Ted Cruz's father was aligned with John F. Kennedy's assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. (2:21)

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Uh, welcome to The Nightly Show.

I am Larry Wilmore.Um, a lot going on, guys.

So, big Indiana primary tonight.

And earlier, Fox & Friends had,uh, Donald Trump

on the show discussinghis major foe, Ted Cruz.

Hmm. Let's see what importantelection issues they covered.

TRUMP: His father waswith Lee Harvey Oswald

prior to Oswald being,uh, you know, shot.

I mean,the whole thing is ridiculous.

What is this?Right prior to his being shot.

And nobody even brings it up.

I mean, they don't even talkabout that.

That was reported, uh,and nobody talks about it.

Nobody talks about itbecause it's not news!

Or is it?

The National Enquirer claimsTed's dad had ties

to Lee Harvey Oswald.

Jesus Christ, you guys.

Between this and allof Ted Cruz's zodiac killing,

the Cruz family off...

they offed...(laughing)

This is true, this is true!Don't mess me up.

They offed more people inthe '60s and '70s than Vietnam.

Mmm. Oh, now it got sad. Yeah.

That's true. I know what you'rethinking, "Larry, stop it.

Come on,Ted Cruz is not a killer."

Okay. Well, then you tell mewhat he was trying to do

with Carly Fiorina right here.

Ted Cruz!


When you see itwith your own eyes,

it feels a little different,doesn't it? Yeah.

Okay, okay.But you might be saying,

"But, Larry,Carly Fiorina just fell."

Okay, Dre, Dre,show us the other angle

that we have on that.

-(grunts)-(hatch opens)

Starting to all come togethernow, isn't it, huh?

Okay, all right.So now you're saying,

"Larry,you just put that Simpsons clip

"in front of her falling.There's no connection

between Mr. Burns and Ted Cruz."

Oh, really? Oh, really?

Okay, well, then explain this.



(cheering and applause)


Why-why is it Mr. Burns actuallyseems more human than Ted Cruz?

Right? I have no idea.