Amy Goes Deep with a 106-Year-Old Woman

Down for Whatever Season 2, Ep 6 05/06/2014 Views: 108,013

A centenarian named Downing tells Amy what the Great Depression was like and explains how her attitude toward race has changed over the course of her life. (3:38)

So Downing, you are106 years old.

I am.

What's your favoritepart about being 100?

No condoms, right?

Well, I'm thankful for everyday when you're 100,

'cause you knowthe end is near.

You know that.

I don't know.

I don't know, Downing.You don't know it, but I do.

I think you're going tooutlive everybody here.

Are you on Twitter?


No, I don't know anyof the new things.

I have very poor visionand my hearing is off.

Are your othersenses heightened?

Like, can yousmell that our sound guy

smoked weedthis morning?

Oh, heavens no.

Okay, cool.

You went to Towson.

I graduatedin 1931.

Took a littlebusiness course.

That's where I went to.

I went to thesame college as you.

I'm so pleased to hear that.Yeah.

I went to Towson becausewhen I visited,

I won a drinking contest.

Oh, wonderful.

Yeah, I love Baltimore,but it definitely

has its dangerous parts.

Did you ever watchthe show "The Wire"?

Don't know enoughabout it, darling.


Are you still aBaltimore girl?

I live inthe Baltimore area.

I live in the Towson areain a retirement home.

Do you know anybody maybe atthe home you can set me up?

Any, any eligiblebachelors?

Did you ever get intoa fistfight?

No, ma'am.Yeah, me neither.

Never had a fistfight.

Well, be careful.

This neighborhoodisn't so good.No.

What was theGreat Depression like?

What do you remember ofthe Great Depression?

We were very, very carefulabout our food.

We would make a can ofsalmon last for two nights.


And we liked it,you know?

We were saving.

That's how Comedy Centralwishes I ate.



What are the changes you've seenfor women with how they look?

Well, everybody'swearing pants.

And I--Thank God.

I got into the first pairof pants in World War II

and I thought we would nevertake them on as the usual garb,

but we have.


You think it's strange thatwomen wear their hair like,

long now?

I think the style now is pretty,however, I wonder who decrees

that it is now straightif you're 50 and younger.


I would think that the beautyoperators would want you to keep

your hair curled.

What about how-- how peoplehave changed how they feel

about different races?

About racism?Yeah, racism.

I have learned over the yearsto have some of my very good

friends to be, uh...



That's not the word,but anyway.

No, that's the word.

That's fine.That's fine.

What did you used to worry aboutthat you don't concern yourself

with anymore?

I would worry overpeople over drinking.

I lived during the Prohibitionyears, you know?


And some of the young people,yeah, they would overindulge

and I would bevery concerned.

You would have been veryconcerned about me.

About you, honey?


I can't--no kidding.

You were one?

Oh, you're crazy.

I can'tbelieve it.

I could have useda friend like you.

What's the craziestthing you ever witnessed

in your whole life?


I don't thinkI can answer that.