Frank Prinzi - All You Can Eat

Season 2 , Ep 0225 05/26/93 Views: 2,295

Imagine a chain of all-you-can-eat restaurants that deliver. (1:42)

I love Grape Nuts.

Except lots of times, I forgetto put milk on them the night

before I want to eat them.

You know, theynever get soft ever.

Twinkies will go badbefore Grape Nuts get soft.

I love food.

Food is my best friend in life.

It never lets me down.

If I had the money, I'dlove to open up a chain

of all-you-can-eatrestaurants that deliver.

Wouldn't it be great, just callthem up late at night, uh yeah,

we'd like uh, some more.

Big truckload of food pullsup, guy with a shovel,

where do you want it?

I have trouble sleepingand I blame my diet.

I've been buying a lot ofthose deep fried pork skins.

I'm not eating them,though, I'm just

trying to reassemblea pig in my apartment.

When I'm on theroad, I usually buy

that Quaker instant oatmeal.

I love that stuff.

I love the apple and cinnamon.

That's my favorite.

It's number one, right now,according to Casey Kasem.

Do you know anyone who eats theregular flavor instant oatmeal?

That's like heroin, isn't it?

You gotta heat the spoon andtie off before you eat that.

Make the pain goaway, Wilford Brimley!

It's great though.

You just pour boilingwater on this oatmeal

and these things just startappearing in your bowl.

Raisins start poppingout, apples, cinnamon.

I made some the othermorning, I got so excited,

I spilled theoatmeal on the floor.

It formed the face of Jesus.

It was singing "Love Me Tender."

It was the young Jesus.

Guys been great.