Sean O'Connor - Too Silly for Most Sex Things

Sean O'Connor Season 2, Ep 6 05/17/2013 Views: 23,555

With a few notable exceptions, Sean O'Connor usually dates the same type of girl. (2:13)

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I was at a bar one time.I sent a drink over to a girl.

She sent it right back.

I didn't know that was allowed.

I went over to tell herit wasn't allowed,

and how that came out was,

"What the (bleep) isyour problem?"

And she was like, "No offenseto you-- I don't drink

because my dad's an alcoholic."

Which was sad and awkward.

What made it more awkward wasanother guy walked over

and was like, "I overheard whatshe said and I completely agree.

'Cause I don't do heroin becausemy dad was a heroin addict."

And there was two thingswrong with that.

Because one, I didn't sendheroin over to that guy.

I mean, mind your own businesswhen I'm talking to a lady.

And then two,you don't need a backstory

for reasonswhy you don't do heroin.


I live with my girlfriend.

I'm not mature enoughto live with a girl.

Every nightwhen she goes to sleep,

I draw a dick on her face.

I'm like,"I've only lived with guys.

How does this work?"

I usually date the same typeof girls over and over.

I usually datelittle mousy girls with bangs

who wear cardiganseven in the summer.

They say things like, "I wishour bodies were made of blankets

so we could just layon one another."

I'm like, "Me, too--that sounds dumb.

Let's do it."

Then one time I datedthis girl who was, like,

a real sexual dynamo,

and we triedall these different things.

And I found outa lot about myself.

Like I found outthat I am way too silly

for most sex things.

Because this one timethis girl was like,

"I want you to throw mearound the bedroom."

And I was like, "How aboutyou just run and I trip you?"

It sounds so much safer...

and hilarious.

She was really goodat dirty talk.

I'm not good at dirty talk.

I'm too bashful for dirty talk.

I'm just a little boy,I don't need to hear that filth.

This one time, she was like,

"You feel so good inside of me."

And I was like, "Weird...(laughs)

"You're making me feel weird.

"I'm gonna go puton another shirt.

"And when I get back, we'regonna have a 20-minute talk

about boundaries,so stay tight."