Mike Lawrence - Stepfather's Day & Working at McDonald's

Mike Lawrence Season 2, Ep 10 05/31/2013 Views: 6,497

Mike Lawrence explains why he believes that we need a day to honor the stepfathers of the world and how working at McDonald's can have a positive effect. (1:42)

I had a stepdadgrowing up.

Any stepdads inthe audience tonight?

No, must be a Little League gamegoing on. Uh...

I feel bad for stepdadsbecause there's-there's no day

to honor them--we have Father's Day,

and we should haveStepfather's Day.

And we could have funStepfather's Day games

like Pin the Blame on Yourself.

And-and we could haveStepfather's Day greeting cards,

like, "Now that the dadI love is gone,

thanks for being thereto (bleep) my mom."

But you put it in Comic Sans.It's adorable. You got to...

soften the blow.

I, uh... I worked at, uh,McDonald's for seven years.

That's a thing I did.

You didn't clap at that,so you must like me.

Uh...(woman whoops)

No, don't-don't start.

Unless your name is Wendyand you own Wendy's.

Then you can. Uh...

But I did... I'm... I'm probably

the most successfulMcDonald's employee ever

just by being aliveright now. Uh...

'Cause, man, I... Someof my coworkers were insane.

Like, one of my coworkerswas an amputee named Stumpy.

His favorite Creed songwas "Arm Wide Open."

The joke there is that someone

would have a favoriteCreed song.

But I remember one timeStumpy was like,

"You know how much (bleep) I get

now that I only have one arm?"

And I was like, "How much?"And he goes,

"A little.

But that's still pretty good."

Which is how I learnedabout optimism.