Jonah & Kumail - Kumail's Fancy Jacket

The One with the Jacket Season 2, Ep 2 07/07/2015 Views: 4,706

Jonah and Kumail welcome the audience to the show, and Jonah questions Kumail's unusual fashion choices. (1:15)

Thank you so muchfor coming to the first--

Thanks for comingto the Meltdown!

Of Season Two...

of Meltdown--

We're getting fancy.I've got a new plaid.

We're going-- Kumail's got thefanciest piece of clothingI've ever seen him wear.

Two fabrics! Look at that! Yougot this one, then watch out!


Am I gonna smudge it?

Everybody has different thingsthey do when they stress.

Jonah starts like weirdlyinsulting people.

Yeah.Do you notice that?

But then, like--

If you question him about it,he's like, "What?"

And Kumail just gets mad.Yeah.

And I stay cool.

This is my favorite part.

Backstage, I was like,"That's a nice jacket."

And he immediately gotself-conscious about it...

'cause it is not a T-shirt witha video game reference on it.

Who doesn't like this jacket?

Do you not--

That's a weird spotto put somebody in.

It's like, "I'm a good person,right?"

Like, you don't ask people that.

Because you're not.No, I just--

If you have to ask,you're not a good person.

So, you like this jacket?That's what that means?

It's my favorite jacket...It is--

based off of a jacketfrom Back to the Future Part 2.

Auto-dry on.