Barack Obama - Obamacare, Trump's Changing Policies & Post-White House Identity

December 12, 2016 - President Barack Obama 12/12/2016 Views: 28,146

President Obama ruminates on the future of the Affordable Care Act, global warming and immigration policy as his GOP successor Donald Trump transitions into power. (7:09)

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Let's move on and chatabout Obamacare.

-It's one of my favorite topics.-(Noah laughs)

I love... I love Obamacare.

-One of the major deadlinesis coming up. -Yeah.

I want everybody to sign upif you're not signed up.

-Where's the camera? -Here's...We've got many cameras.

Sign up.

Here's one of the thingspeople ask is, some people go,

"President Obama,you asking me sign up

is like the CEO of Vinetelling me to join now."

What's the point ifthe incoming administration says

they're getting rid of it?

Well, first of all, uh,if you sign up now,

you will have insurancefor a year,

and it's betterthan not having insurance

for a year, at minimum.

Uh, and as I've said before,

for the majority of people,when they include

tax creditsthat they may be eligible for,

they can get health insurancefor 75 bucks a month,

which is cheaperthan their cell phone,

or their cable coveragein some cases.

Um, and that'll protect youagainst an accident,

a major illness,could end up saving your home,

or your bank accountor your pension,

um... and it'll give youpeace of mind.

But what you've also been seeingin the debate around Obamacare--

and this has been truefor six years--

this has become sort ofa holy grail for Republicans,

based on ideology and not facts.

The fact is

is that we have the lowestuninsured rate in history.

The fact is, despite all thepredictions to the contrary,

healthcare costs have gone upmore slowly

since I signed that law thanany time in the last 50 years.

The fact is that the law itselfprovides protections

that are really popular.

-It's just people don't knowit's Obamacare. -(laughs)

So the fact that you can't berefused health insurance

because of a pre-existingcondition,

the fact that your kid can stayon your health insurance plan

until they're 26 years old.

The fact women can't bediscriminated against

and charged more

simply for being a womanby an insurance company.

The fact that you don't havea lifetime limit.

Those are all protectionsthat are being provided

to people right nowwho get their health insurance

through their job.

Um, and they'd miss itif they didn't have it.

So, what happens is

that the Republicansnow are saying,

"Well, maybewe'll technically repeal it,

"but it won't go into effectfor another three years

while we come upwith a replacement."

And what I've said before is,

listen,if they had a great idea,

they should have come up with itfive, six years ago

when we were passing this bill,'cause I would have loved

to have somethingthat worked even better

and was even cheaper and wasless controversial, and...

The truth is is that

what we came up with werethe best ideas at the time.

There are some tweaksthat can be made to the program.

For example, a public optionin those communities

where there's not enoughcompetition among insurers.


More subsidiesso that it's cheaper

for people who areright at that borderline, and...

where they're finding itstill expensive

to buy health insurance.

Um, but my...

It will be interestingto watch Republicans

who now actuallyhave to produce,

come up with a replacementthat works better.

I don't think they will,and as a consequence,

you should sign up nowand, uh, count on the fact

that you're goingto have insurance for a while.

Here's a quick questionI have for you off that.

You know, the incomingadministration seems

to be making, you know,a complete 180

on a lot of your majorinitiatives. -Right. Yeah.

-So, climate change.-Right.

Donald Trump and his teamare going the other way.

-Immigration-- they're goingthe other way. -Right. Right.

Um, do you think this changes

your post-presidentialpublic life?

Does this changewho Barack Obama is

once he leaves The White House?

Well, a couple of points.

They may change policy on climate change,

but climate changeis still climate change.

-(both laughing)-It's still happening.

So if the oceans are stillgoing up and, you know,

uh, some streetsin Miami a mile or two

from where the president-electhas a golf course

are seeing floodingin the middle of sunny days,

and it's saltwatercoming up through the ground,

that's still gonna have to bedealt with one way or another.

Um... on...

on all of these issues,

reality doesn't go away,

and, you know,I've had several conversations

with the president-electin which I've said to him,

"Look, if you can finddifferent approaches

"to deal with the problems,you...

"I don't pretend that I wasthe repository of all wisdom.

What you can't do is pretendthey're not problems."

And I think every presidentcomes in and discovers

that, A)Reality doesn't go away,

B) The federal governmentis a... is an aircraft carrier.

It's not a speedboat.

Turning it is hard.

Now, in terms of my rolein this whole process,

uh... I think it is important

for me to recharge.

I think it's important for meto reflect,

it's important for meto get back in my...

-wife's good graces...-(laughs)

and take a decent vacation

and spend some time with her.


and I'll do some writing,

uh, and speaking, uh...

But what I have said is that...

uh... I'll be paying attention,I'll be a citizen

of this countrythat I love deeply.

And, uh, I don't anticipatethat I suddenly just vanish.

Uh, but I think it's important

to-to givethe incoming administration

the space...

and to give the public clarity

about what it isthat they're trying to do,

so that, uh, thatplays itself out a little bit.

And, uh, you know,there may be occasions

where, even in the first year,if I think core values of ours

are being threatened, I mean,I will-- I've said this--

if I thought a Muslim registrywas being set up

that... violatesthe Constitution

and violates who we areand would make us less safe,

because it'd make it easierfor groups like ISIL to recruit

-and radicalizehomegrown terrorists, -Right.

I might have to say somethingabout that.

Uh, if I saw DREAM Act kids,

uh, young people whoare brought here as children,

who are, for all intentsand purposes, Americans,

suddenly being rounded up,

uh, contrary to... who we are,

uh, as a nation of lawsand a nation of immigrants,

I might have to say somethingabout that.


But it's not, uh...

it's not my intention to be--

I think I've said this before--the old guy at the bar,

you know,who's just kind of hanging on.

You know, I need to...I need to take some time.