Hillary Clinton Wins New York

November 8, 2016 - Election Night Special 11/08/2016 Views: 31,331

Trevor puts on his old-timey journalist hat to report on Hillary Clinton's victory over Donald Trump in New York, and Roy Wood Jr. gives his expert analysis. (1:59)

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We are live, and we'rechecking in with state results.

We are in New York, so, uh, it'sonly fitting for us to check in

on the, uh... the wholeof New York as a state.

-Roy? -You know what, man,I'm not gonna let this thing

get me down, man.Pull your hat out from earlier.

Put your hat on.Put your newsman hat on.

-Yeah, but I...-(cheering and applause)

-It's a nice hat, man.-It is a nice hat.

-Yeah, man, do your thing, man.-So I got to do the...

-Go ahead.-I got-got to do the full thing?

Wait, is that what you thinkjournalists look like now?

No, it was... it was, like, a...it's an...

like, an exaggerated thing,of, like...

You look like a reporterfrom the Civil Rights Movement.

But that's what I was gonna be.I was gonna be those guys,

gonna be like, "Breaking news.Results coming in

-from New York State."-(laughs)

Speaking of New York, uh,Hillary won New York.

(cheering and applause)

Well, that's great news, Roy!

Look, she whupped Trump so bad,you could hear Alicia Keys

remixing, um,"Empire State of Mind."

♪ New York, concrete junglewhere Trump's a loser ♪

♪ There's... (clears throat)

-Uh... -You have a horriblevoice there, Roy Wood.

You just gonna...Okay. I'm-I'm just...

-But you said I must dothe thing. -I'm happy

-that New Yorkers came togetheron this one. -Yeah.

'Cause all they do is fightin this state.

They fight, they argue.I saw two pigeons

and a damn rat fightingover a hot dog.

They took a breakand went and voted for Hillary.

-You got to respect that.-You got to respect that, man.

100% you got to respect that.

Now, also, let's take a quicklook at the Senate race, man.

Uh, Chuck Schumer, the Democrat,won New York.

-(cheering and applause)-Wow, that's a giant victory.

-Giant, giant victory.-Which... I don't understand

why that's a surprise,that a Democrat won New York.

Next thing you're gonna tell me,ooh, pizza is the top-rated food

in New York. Of course.

-It's all good, man.-I actually didn't know that.

-Enjoy your Pepto then. Enjoythe Pepto. -Thank you, man.