Lil Rel - Old People and New Stuff

Lil Rel Season 2, Ep 11 06/07/2013 Views: 9,715

Lil Rel explains why there should be an age limit on people buying new technology. (2:32)

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Let me say this.

I hate that, like, you know,

I think they should putan age limit on who buy phones.

I'm serious, like,you don't want nobody--

Somebody over the age of 55shouldn't be buying no iPhone.

I go to my grandfather house.

He got a grocery list

full of apps he want meto download.

It's stuffthat's already on there.

Like, "Look here,I want a calculator,

a calendar...I need a contact box."

"It's on here!"

"I don't see it.

I keep doing this,it ain't doing nothing!"


'Cause he hasn't tookthe little thing off with the...

with the display on there.

He think-- all right.

And my uncle, he's 60.

He bought a Bluetooth.

Look, an old black manwith a Bluetooth

is the worst thing you can get.

This dude don't understandhow the sound transfer

perfectly from his mouthto the Bluetooth,

and he think he got to yellat the Bluetooth.

He think he gotto tell the Bluetooth

to do stuff for it to work.And he's loud.

We was in the grocery store."Oh, it's your auntie.

"Hold on.Bluetooth, answer the phone!


"Bluetooth, yeah, yeah!Answer the phone!


"Hold on, other line.

"Click over, Bluetooth. Yeah.

"What up, Frank?

"Conference call, bow bow.

"Double click, everybody,Shirley, Bluetooth.

Go ahead and conferencecall them, Bluetooth."

It ain't a damn robot.

He think the Bluetoothdo everything.

He throw it in the microwave.

"Popcorn, two minutes,Bluetooth, cook it."

This is when I knewhe went too far, right?

Somebody was...

It was a bunch of young dudesin front of his house, right?

And they was, they was just...

You know, I'm in Chicago,you know.

Our teenagers is wild,you know what I'm saying?

And they was walkingin his grass.

And that's all black mencare about.

Old black men don't want youin their grass.

You can do whatever you wantanywhere else.

Just don't walk in their grass.

And he don't have a gate around.

He got, like,a shoestring around there

like it's a force field,but it ain't doing nothing.

He like, "Oh, wait a minute.

You see this, Bluetooth?"

He talk to the Bluetoothlike it's a buddy.

"Bluetooth, you see this?

These little jive turkeysin my grass."


They always gotto fix their belts.

"Jive turkeys in that grass.

"Bluetooth, back me up.

"Hey, look here, young bloods!

"You see all the shoestring.

"Look here, man,

don't put your feetin my grass no more."

He's like, "Hey, man, we don'tgive a damn about your old ass.

I'll throw this rock at you."

"Like hell you will.Bluetooth, force field.

Now try it."