Rory Scovel - Longest Applause Ever - Uncensored

The One with the Travel Stories Season 1, Ep 4 08/14/2014 Views: 14,036

Rory Scovel is only able to tell one joke over the raucous applause of the Meltdown audience. (2:41)

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Thank you.Thank you, Meltdown.

Thank you, Meltdown people.

No, no, come on,keep it going.

Those guys...come on, Meltdown.

I'm not kidding,let's set a record tonight.

Don't stop laughing.

Let's see if you can clapfor ten straight minutes.

I'll just tell the jokes.

Don't stop clapping.

If you don't like a joke,verbally boo out loud...

but do not stop clapping.

Everyone watching at homehates this moment.

They will never knowwhat it's like to be here.

Get a camera on me!

Stay the fuck out!You stay out!

Stay the fuck out of here!

This is our time!This is our time down here!

Get out of here, stool!

Get the fuck out of here!

Do not stop.Don't you fucking stop!

I hope someone's just nowturning to the channel.

They have no ideaof this set up.

Guys, seriously,I have jokes to tell.

I have jokes to tell.

I have jokes to tell.I have jokes to tell.

Always act like the mic cordis too in the way.

I have jokes.

I have done it!I have jokes.

I seriously have it.Come on, all right.

Keep it going.Do not st--

This is the longest applauseI have ever seen.

This is so great.

His whole set was the applause.Yeah, yeah.

Are you all serious right now?

Are you all beingserious right now?

You can go out.

I fucking love you guys.Good night!

Are you serious?Are you fucking serious?

All right, let me do an encore,let me do an encore.

Sit down, sit down.

Sit down.

Keep it going,I'll try to do one joke.

Uh... 911, in Europe,do they say 11-9?

You know they do,and it's disrespectful.

All right, you guys have beengreat. Thank you very much.

Good night.

I have never in my lifeseen anything like that.

Oh, my god.

That was amazing!

Are they stopping laughing?