The Exile of Beatrice

Lillian's Wedding Season 2, Ep 9 08/10/2016 Views: 1,322

When photos surface of Frederick and Beatrice having sex, Frederick deals with it the only way he knows how -- by sending Beatrice to a convent. (1:43)

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- [gasps] Frederick!

- Don't touch me.You've ruined my life.

I'm going to lose my jobas vice president.

- What?- It's the best job they have

except for president.[sobbing]

- What are you talking about?

- Someone took photos of us.

Sex photos.

That stands forsexual photographs, Beatrice.

- Oh, no!What are you going to do?

- [scoffs]What am I going to do?

You mean, what am I going to do?

Why did you do this to me?- Why did I do what?

- Why did you createthe situation where,

over the courseof several decades,

I was trickedinto engaging in consensual

and, if I'm being honestwith myself,

extremely enjoyableincestual sex?

- I didn't trick you.

Why are you sayingit's my fault?

- Oh, I suppose it's my fault?

So evil that women have bodies

that force men to doterrible things to them.


And I don't need you standinghere tempting me right now!

- I am not tempting you.

- Yes, you are--you're pointingyour supple breasts at me.

- I'm just standing heretalking to you.

I can't get themto face another way.

- Exactly.

That's why I must sendall three of you away.

- What?- You're no longer welcome here.

Around me or Bellacourt.

- You can't do that.- Yes, I can!

I'm the vice president.I can do whatever I want.

- No, Frederick!- Get Bea to a nunnery!

- What? No! No! Please!

I can't wear black and whiteevery day!

I prefer pastels!

I prefer pastels![screaming]

- [sobbing]