Trevor Noah - In Contact with Ebola

Trevor Noah: Lost in Translation Season 1, Ep 1 11/22/2015 Views: 8,491

During the Ebola outbreak, native South African Trevor Noah had to answer some very stupid questions when he flew into the U.S. (0:59)

That's probably the worst timeever,

is flying into Americaas an African

during the Ebola crisis.

It was the craziest thingI've ever seen in an airport.

You'd walk in,there'd be tension.

They'd usher everybodyinto a special quarantine area.

Ask you questions, questionsthat they don't normally ask.

The number one question theyalways asked was,

"Sir, have you been in contactwith Ebola?"

They'd always ask, "Sir, haveyou been in contact with Ebola?"

I love--I love the sincerityof the question.

Like there was a chancemy answer could be, "Yes.

And next stop, Disney World."



Like, what kind of persondo you think I am

that I'd still be embarkingon a journey

having knowingly been in contact

with the most deadly diseaseon the planet?

Like, who do you think I am thatI'd be there like,


"I don't care!

" hasa zero refund policy.

"I'm going to Disney Worldeven if it kills me,

"Mickey Mouse,and everybody else.

I'm going!"