Marianne Sierk - Baby Talk

Season 1, Ep 0104 07/20/2006 Views: 4,166

Marianne Sierk is flattered when her co-worker calls her a pretty, thin bimbo with no common sense. (2:55)

Thank you so much.

Ah, so, I have a questionfor everybody.

Um... did you ever getinsulted by someone

and then they tryand make it look

like they're complimenting you?

This girl I work with,she's like,

"You know what's so awesomeabout you, Marianne?

You just don't carewhat you look like."

Thank you?


Then this guy I work with,he did the same thing to me.

He's like,"See, that's the problem

"with all you pretty,thin bimbos.

"You've no common sense.

You're so stupid."

And I was like,"Just a minute here.

You think I'm thin?"

I think I love you.

I don't have a boyfriend.

I'm not married. Nothing.

Uh, my sister's married,and she just had a baby.

And she's one of those people,

she always tries to talkto me through the baby.

You know, she'll saywhat she really wants

in a baby voice, you know?

She'll be like,"Oh, say, it's Marianne.

You better wash your handsbefore you hold me."

Uh-oh, baby's talking.

See...Say, "Where's your boyfriend?

"You don't have one.

What a loser..."

Say, "We love Auntie Marianne...when she's sober."

Yeah, well, not this year.

We've been going nutswith the new baby.

We take pictures all the time.

And we have a digital camera.

A lot of people have newdigital newfangled cameras.

And I've realizeddigital cameras have sort of

like taken the funout of an event, you know.

From now on,every time you take a picture...

everybody goes,"Let me see it!

"Come on. I want to see it!

"Turn around. I want to see it!

"I want to seewhat we all look like.

Okay, we're doing it again."

We're doing it again, okay?

Is that cool?We're gonna do it again, yeah.

Now it's a photo shoot.

It's like...

( imitates shutter clicking repeatedly )

The beauty's not evenin that picture.

"I don't care."

And if you look good,the whole picture's good, right?

"This is a good pictureof all of us.

It really is."

What do you mean?

She's blinking. She's sneezing.

Your boyfriend's making outwith your sister.

"I never noticed that.

But doesn't my hair look good?"