Penetrating Phil

Sex Tips Season 1, Ep 10 07/02/2013 Views: 62,973

Another man joins Amy and her boyfriend in the bedroom, and Amy is left confused that she was not the focal point of the evening. (1:33)

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Well, thatwas fun.

Amy, you all right?

I don't know.

What's up?

I think I just thoughtthat I would be more

like the focal point?


Were you notthe focal point?

No, no,definitely not.

Like, I just-- it nevereven occurred to me

that you would bepenetrating Phil.

Did I do that?

Are you sure?Yes, yes.

I thought you feltcomfortable with Phil.

I do.

I usually do.


Look, you've beenour pharmacist,

how long, threeyears, okay?

We move closerto another CVS.

I said, "Let'sstick with Phil,"

didn't I, okay?

She did.

Maybe I'm being oversensitive but God,

I don't think so,I don't think so.

What's theproblem, Amy?

I had an orgasm,

probably the biggest oneI've ever had in my life.

You Phil?

I didn't.

I didn't evencome close.

Nobody touched me.

I went to the bathroomat one point.

You guys didn'teven realize...

No, it's toolate, Phil.

I just wish youhadn't been yelling,

"This feelsso right."

Okay, how do you know Iwasn't talking about you?

This feels so right with you , Phil!

Phil, Phil, Phil!

I'm penetrating Phil!