Roast Battle II - Matthew Broussard vs. Zac Amico

Roast Battle II: Night Two - Uncensored Season 2, Ep 6 01/27/2017 Views: 6,356

Zac Amico slams Matthew Broussard's suspicious long-distance relationship, and Matthew reveals which celebrity Zac resembles. (7:00)

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Let's roast! [bell dinging]

[cheers and applause]

- Matthew isin a long-distance relationship.

His girlfriend lives in Texas,

and he lives in denialabout his homosexuality.


Matthew's gonna be harderto haul out of the closet

than Robin Williamsrigor-mortis-ridden corpse.

audience: Oh.

[scattered laughter]

- That was a good one, Bi Fieri.

You, uh--[laughter]

You look like if Michael Mooregot gang banged by Juggalos.

[laughter] [glass shatters]

[cheers and applause] ["Hail to the Chief" playing]


- Matthew is Jewish

and looks like the bad guyfrom every '80s movie.

He's like the leaderof Cobra [bleep]...


But the difference is,in a Jewish '80s movie,

they never take over the camp

and the shower scene'salways at the end.

audience: Oh.[scattered laughter]

- That's fair. [gun cocks]

I like your hair, by the way.

I've never seen a pedophilego Super Saiyan,

so that's really cool.

audience: Oh! [gunshots]

[cheers, laughter, and applause]

[electronic dance music]

- [laughs]

[audience shouts and cheers]

- Matthew gave up ona promising career

as a financial analyst

to be an anonymous comedianon MTV2.

[scattered laughter]

The only people in his industry

who were more left in the dust

were the ones who workedat the World Trade Center.

[bell rings] audience: Oh...

- Zac, uh, I admire you.You're a very busy guy.

You're not only a comedian,you're in a metal band,

and you produce horror films.

The only thing harder workingthan Zac is his left ventrical.

audience: Oh!

Now, Zac doesn't havea lot of TV credits,

but he does manageto have a big draw.

Not, like, fans, but an actualmeasurable gravitational field.

In fact, Zac is so massive

that as you approachhis surface,

time contracts,

which explains why his careeris going nowhere.

[audience roars]

[baby crying, alarm blaring]

audience: [chanting]Battle!

- Last joke.

- Matthew Broussard isan emotionless monster.

- [laughs]- I mean...

he just lost his dadto Parkinson's

and Matthew is stillsomehow harder to read

than his father'shand-written will.

audience: Oh!

[air raid siren blaring]

- You're right, my fatherdid die from Parkinsons's,

but your mother is aliveand works at Olive Garden.

So at leastwhen my dad's hand shook,

it wasn't to sprinkle Parmesan.

[laughter and applause]

[bell dinging] - All right, I'm going.

That's it.Last battle of the night.

Zac Amico.Matthew Broussard.

You already get it.


- [laughs]

- Give it upfor these two battlers tonight.

Zac Amico and Matthew Broussard.

- [mouthing]- Hitting homers.

[cheers and applause]

Great, great stuff.

Dr. Ken, Whitney,

how you feeling about thisepic final battle of the night?

- Oh, I mean, it was a--Zac was amazing.

I just love the fact thathe just went for it

right from the start with--with Robin Williams,

with Cobra--everything was--

I just love the fact thathe went for it,

but, Matthew, man,that was killer.

4 for 4, and it justgot funnier and funnier.

The wholeleft ventrical/gravity thing...

- Oh, of course.[laughs]

- That--that wasa thing of beauty.

I don't know what to say,Matthew.

- Oh, you like the scienceand medical jokes,

did you, Doctor ?- Those check out?

- Uh, uh, yes, I did.Yes, I did.

Westside, bitch.Yes, I did.

[laughter and applause]

I'm a doctor...

from Hollywood!


- Um, wow.You know, Matthew,

I-I didn't want youto be as good as you were.

I feel likeyou've been genetically blessed

and it's--it's like your--

your face, your ha--you're like what Hitler wanted.


- And I'm what he got.

[laughter and applause]

- Um...- [laughs]

- Uh, you know, I--you really played

to the top of your intelligence,and I really appreaciate that.

You know, you gave the audiencethe benefit of the doubt.

You're reallysophisticated humor.

I really appreaciate that.

Zac, it was interesting'cause you had brilliant jokes

and I don't think they got the--what they deserved,

and I thinkmaybe Robin Williams,

that was a little too emotionalfor me to be able to laugh,

uh, and also World Trade Center.

I feel like there'sa more recent disaster.

I think it was just, like, not--

- You talking about your hairdo?- We're--

audience: Ooh! [bomb explodes]

- Boom, boom.- Battle, batt--

- Ah, ah! [air raid siren wailing]

[metal music]

- ♪ I am a real American

Let me tell you something,brother.

All right.- It's great to see Hulk Hogan

hanging outwith black guys again.

[laughter]all: Whoa!

[gun cocks]

- I'm gonna go with Matthew.I am.

- Jeff, make it official,please.

- Zac Amico,you are a punk rock comedian.

I love the way you bring it.You just, like--

you throw yourself out there.You have no shame.

I heard you once dida naked roast battle.

Was that true?- Yeah, I hosted the first ever

naked roast battlein New York City.

- Really?- Yes.

- Was the room cold?Or how was it?

- Unfortunately, it wouldn'tmade much of a difference.


- Matthew, I wanted youto do this tournament

because I feel likeyou got knocked out too soon

in the last tournament.I think you are the type of guy

who is just gonna bea huge star.

So congratulations, Matthew.- Thank you, Jeff.

- Hey.- Great work tonight.

- Hey, man, thank you so much.- Beauty wins.

Matthew Broussard!Hug each other.