Mark Forward - Facing Extinction

Ron Funches, Mark Forward, Dan Soder Season 4, Ep 6 08/30/2013 Views: 1,978

Mark Forward has to act like he cares that one in four mammals will go extinct. (1:46)

is going to go extinct,

and there's nothingwe can do about it.

What? No!

Who-- What? Who said that?


One in four mammals.

Learning that,I think the hardest thing

is trying to care.

Because that was acting.

I was...

I don't care. It's sometree mole in South America

that's going to go extinct.

I've lived 38 years.I've never seen one.

I do not need it now.

But people get really upsetwhen you talk that way.

They're like, "Mark."And I'm Mark, by the way.

They go, "Mark...

"it is a really delicateecosystem, okay?

"If you take away that molein South America--

"There is a birdin South America

"that will only eatthat mole.

"If you take away that mole,that bird will die.


I'm like, Good.That's a picky bird.

It deserves to die,right?

Like, I'm a mammal.I'm a smart mammal.

I had a grocery storedown the street from me.

I shopped there for years.It closed down.

I didn't go, Well, [BLEEP],I had a good run.


You find another[BLEEP] mole!