Compliments - Uncensored

A Porn Star Is Born Season 1, Ep 3 05/14/2013 Views: 99,860

It's easy for Amy and her friends to compliment to each other, but they struggle to accept any praise. (2:06)

Oh my God, Brie,you dyed your hair.

It looks amazing.

Oh no,you're just being nice.

No, seriously,it looks great.

No, I tried to look like KateHudson, but ended up looking

like a golden retriever'sdingleberry.

But you, look atyour cute little dress!

Little?I'm like a size 100 now.

Anyway, I paid like$2 for it.

It's probably made out ofold Burger King crowns.

I look like a whorelocked out of her apartment.

( Amy )Hi!Amy!


I love your hat.

Are you drunk?

I look likean Armenian man.

People are trying tobuy carpets from me.

Excuse me, when did you startworking for NASA?

You're weightless.

Fuck you,I'm a fucking cow.

Indian people are tryingto worship me.

I sleep standingup in a field.

Fancy meetingyou girls here.


Of course,I see everyone

when I look likeSusan Boyle's toothbrush.

You look so pretty.

Uh, Miss Jessica, congrats onyour big promotion, beyotch.

I'm gonna get fired in,like, two seconds.

No.I'm legally retarded.

On my SATs, I just drewa picture of a house

on the first pageand ate the rest.


Please, come on, guys.

The father's anybody's guessand I'm 1,000 years old.

I mean, I bet this thingis gonna fall out

and be an old cobweb.

You are gonna bethe best mom ever.

I just want to, like,crawl in your pussy

and have yougive birth to me.

Good luck trying to nurseon this shriveled-up

spaghetti squash, ugh.

Your tits make Katy Perry'slook like the Holocaust.

That's so true.They do.

Perky.They do.

Is that Amanda?Amanda!


( all )Hey!

I love your jacket!

Thank you.


( screaming )

( man )Oh my God!

Oh no!

Watch out!( glass shattering )

( woman screaming )

( phone alert )

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