Busted for a Mysterious Odor

Monday, October 3, 2016 10/03/2016 Views: 219

Doug Benson determines the reason behind a Seattle commuter's ban from a public bus. (1:03)

A news reportfrom Seattle's KIRO-7

was going around this weekabout this guy.

Uh, that is not Tom Selleckin witness protection.

That is... Matthew Little,the man who was recently banned

from riding the public bus.

Comedians, what did he doto receive this ban?

He smelled like marijuana,or he offered everyone

a discount mustache ride?

Doug Benson.


What happened with my unclewas this.

Okay, good.What is he doing, Doug?

What is he up to?

I worry that he got kicked offfor smelling like marijuana.

Okay, let's find out.

NEWSWOMAN:Kitsap Transit accused Little

of emitting an odor on buses

that unreasonablydisturbs others.

LITTLE: From time to time,I smell like I just smoked

some marijuanaprobably because I just did.


(applause, whooping)

Yeah. Why not?

He looks like a...like a magician pirate.

-(laughter) -He's gotthe worst of both worlds.

That is a very harsh punishmentfor a man who looks like

the image you get whenyou Google "bus passenger."